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The Micham Roofing Company is a big fan of gutter guards! There are many types of gutter guards also known as gutter covers, gutter toppers, gutter screens and gutter filters. We use gutter guards that effectively keep your gutters clear and let water run smoothly to the down spout. They can be installed with your new seamless gutter system or onto your existing gutters, in most cases. The Micham Roofing Company will help you stay off the ladder and keep the leaves out of your gutters.


Why Install Gutter Guards?

Clogged gutters can cause many problems for a home. Water that’s left to set can leak in through ceilings or run over the edges of the gutters. A water overflow can accumulate in windows wells, around the foundation and at the edges of the basement. Clogged gutters are one of the top causes of flooded basements and damaged foundations. Setting water can also leave wood rot, mold, and mildew. These types of damage can all decrease the value of a home.

Cleaning your gutters is the most important in the spring and fall. It’s essential to get rid of any residue and make sure the gutters are in good shape after winter. During spring, new leaves blooming causes more organic matter to drop into gutters. Fall is an obvious time for cleaning gutters. With the falling and shedding of leaves, keeping the gutters clear is a constant and laborious task.

Clean gutters are also vital before winter sets in and brings heavy snow and ice. Ice dams can become a problem too during the winter. While clogged gutters don’t cause ice dams, they can make ice dams worse. A gutter guard reduces the risk of water backup and provides reinforcement for the gutters.

Not only is cleaning your gutters an annoying task, it’s also a risk to your overall wellbeing. Cleaning the gutters is a common source of injury, especially as people get older in age this household chore puts people more at risk. Let us take care of your gutter guard system and keep you off that ladder.


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Stop settling for a subpar gutter system today. Get in touch with our gutter guard installation professionals. Don’t leave your home vulnerable to issues caused by clogged gutters. Get protection before it’s too late. Contact us here at The Micham Roofing Company for a free non-obligation consultation and estimate today.